Two years ago I said “I DO” to my best-friend, and my soulmate. I still can’t believe how fast the time has flown by (mashAllah). Like every girl growing up, I fantasized about my dream wedding and would always joke about getting married in Pakistan just so I could have an over-the-top wedding, luxurious wedding. But to my surprise, my dad took my joke quite literally and found me the most perfect guy all the way in Pakistan; and I am so glad he chose Zarak for me, because I have never been happier and I got my dream wedding. Continue reading


Moms deserve a little break sometimes too. Being a mom and taking care of everyone can be exhausting, and it can start to have a negative effect on your mind and body. I try to take care of myself whenever I can. As much as I am enjoying every second of being a mom to my baby boy, I also feel exhausted and upset sometimes. Continue reading


One of my favorite place to eat is Noodles & Company. They have a huge variety of noodles but one of my all time favorite item on their menu is their penne rosa. It is a mouthwatering combination of penne pasta, parmesan crusted chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes. This past summer while visiting U.S I took my husband there for lunch, and he absolutely fell in love with this scrumptious dish. Continue reading