My absolute favorite go to item in my closet is a kimono. They are easy to pair with any outfit, and are super lightweight making them perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall. (Shoot I will even try to squeeze in one or two during Winter if I can) This particular kimono is from Target!!

I don’t care what people think about Target…I love that place. It is my wonderland and I will say loud and proud that nothing is better than Target!! I found this piece as I was about to head out from the store in the clearance section but it didn’t have a price tag so I thought maybe its full price since it was too beautiful to be on clearance. my surprise this bad boy was actually on clearance. I don’t remember how much I paid for this but I know it was really inexpensive (but then again that’s why Target is so amazing for their quality and price)

This is a chiffon floral kimono with a black satin silk edging on the hem of sleeves and neck. The colors are rustic orange, beige, and red. I paired it with a black sleeveless shirt, some tights from Forever21,  and nude wedge hills from Zara. The bag is an embroidered black purse from Forever21 (which is currently the only bag I use beacuase I am absolutely in love).

Kinono : Target
Bag: Forever21
Shirt: Forever 21
Tights: Forever21
Shoes: Zara

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