I love a brand that helps make a difference in the world. One such brand is A Kindness Collective. It is an athletic apparel brand that gives 100% of its profits to replenish and build orphanages. Currently they are helping the non-profit, Little Love, its first orphanage built in Andhra Pradesh, India. Their symbol is a hand print that is a blueprint of all the children from Hope Community Trust ( a sister orphanage of Little Love) it symbolizes how each child is unique and creates a stronger bond with the cause by wearing A Kind Collective’s apparel.

The brand was created by two sisters Helen  and Jennifer. Their love of children and making a world a positive place for everyone made A Kindness Collective possible. Their goal is to financially help Little Love build an orphanage for kids that have very little and to help them improve their lifestyle by providing them food, clothing, shelter, schooling, and a healthy environment.  I had the pleasure of talking to Helen and learned more about their cause and products, and therefore  wanted to help them reach their goals.

Kids in the orphanage center painting their hands to symbolize each child’s uniqueness

A Kindness Collective Apparel:

Crossback Tank

This is their best-selling crossback tank with black gloss logo. It is a soft strech knit with drapped back pannel and curved hem. It is 94% Modal 6% Spandex Light weight MADE IN USA!

High Shine Liquid Legging

High Shine Liquid Legging is made DIY’s exclusive brazen fabric. It is stretchy and lightweight. It is ideal for yoga, gym, or street wear. It is a combination of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. It has high waste band and is extremely lightweight. Made in USA!

I hope that they are successful in reaching their goals. I believe that every child deserves a healthy and positive life and a loving environment. Unfortunately, the number of orphans is chillingly high, and I hope that those kids are provided a better future!


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