Two years ago I said “I DO” to my best-friend, and my soulmate. I still can’t believe how fast the time has flown by (mashAllah). Like every girl growing up, I fantasized about my dream wedding and would always joke about getting married in Pakistan just so I could have an over-the-top wedding, luxurious wedding. But to my surprise, my dad took my joke quite literally and found me the most perfect guy all the way in Pakistan; and I am so glad he chose Zarak for me, because I have never been happier and I got my dream wedding.

One perk of getting married in Pakistan is throwing a lavish wedding for half the cost you would pay living in U.S.A. The total cost of hiring a wedding planner, venue, food and drinks, decorations, DJ, and photographer is still a lot cheaper than the cost of just picking out a venue and decorations in the U.S. I wanted a fun and exciting wedding weekend… three day celebration just like a traditional Pakistani wedding. I had a Mehndi (celebration of dancing and singing), Baraat (wedding ceremony and reception), and a Walima (another reception). And of course, all three days required different dresses, jewelry, makeup looks, and hair styles. My Mehndi and Walima dress, and Walima jewelry were from my in-laws, and my Baraat dress and jewelry were from my parents.


As I have been told multiple times, I was a very chill bride. Prior to my wedding, I was finishing my last semester of under-grad and I lived in the U.S.A., so there was not much I could do in regards to planning my wedding or dresses, so I decided to relinquish control and focus on the tasks at hand. But thanks to my incredible parents, sisters, and in-laws everything was perfect. My mother went to Paksitan to order my dresses and jewelry and she custom designed my bridal dress to perfection. The only thing I suggested was the color…I wanted a burnt orange dress. For my Mehndi dress and Walima dress my in-laws went to Karachi to order the dresses from Farah Talib Aziz and Dr. Haroon. My dad worked with my father in law to plan the details of the wedding and it was wonderful, better than anything I could have hoped for.

As far as my hair and makeup looks I let my sisters decide on what I should get. Their taste in makeup and hair is impeccable, so I knew they would pick amazing ideas. I felt like a true princess all three days, and each look was completely different from the other. For my Mehndi and Walima I got ready from Sobia’s Salon in Islamabad, and for my Baraat I went to Daniella’s which is in Islamabad as well. Fun fact- my mom also had her wedding make up done by Daniella, and it was an honor that I got to share this experience with her!

Mehndi Look:


Dress : Designed by the extremely talented Farah Talib Aziz. She is based in Karachi and her designs are known across the globe. For the Mehndi, the color combination was a pastel green and magenta fuchsia blend. The dress had four parts to it dupatta (veil), inner shirt, outer shirt, and lehnga. The dupatta (veil) was a pastel green net material with sequence sprayed all over and a magenta-fuchsia jamawar silk piping on all four corners.  The inner shirt was a silk material sleeveless A-line shirt. It had floral embroidery done in gold, magenta-fuchsia color. I have since had pants made for the outfit, to make it more wearable.

The outer shirt was a net material in the same shade as the dupatta and inner shirt. It had full sleeves with cut-outs , and gold buttons going down the sleeves. The back had gold buttons going down as well, and the front had the same floral embroidery as the inner shirt but around the neckline, and gold sequenced work all across the front and back. The outter shirt was an angrakha and peplum style. The lehnga was plain in a jamawar silk material in a magenta-fuchsia shade.

Jewelry: I just wore a tika (head piece) to keep a slightly simple look since the outfit itself was so heavy.

Makeup: My sisters chose a simple and semi-natural makeup look. I had light eyeshadow in a neutral brown tone and a slightly winged eyeliner. On my cheeks was a light blush and highligter. And For lips the shade was a matte pink shade.

Baraat Look:

Dress: The outfit was designed by my mom which made it extra special. It had four parts as well…. a dupatta, inner shirt, a over gown, and lehnga. The entire outfit was burnt-orange with deep red piping on the duppata, gown, and lehnga. The intiricate detail was all beading and threaded crystals. The duppata had a three inch border with beading and a bead spray all over the center. The way the outfit was designed, the lehnga and inner shirt are the same embroidered material that can be worn as separate, let’s just say, Mama Ahmed knew what she was doing!

Jewelry:  My bridal set was a dull antique gold. It had a tikka, necklece, and jhumkey for earings.  I wore gold bangles in one hand and a bracelet in the other.

Makeup:  For my Baraat I went for a slightly dramatic look. My eyes were smokey-eye and the eyeliner was a bit dramatic as well. For my lips I wore a bright red color to match the deep red in my dress. The eyebrows were a little darker as well for additional boldness.

Walima Look:

Dress: The dress was designed by the talented Dr. Haroon, it had three parts, a shirt, trousers, and dupatta. The top was a long straight-lined shirt that went down to my ankles, it was a champagne shade with bead work in dull gold and emerald green all over.  The pants that were straight cut and lose fitting in a emerald green jamawar with bead work at the hem. And the dupatta was a champagne shade in a chiffon material with emerald color jamawar pimping on all four corners. It also had a lot of beading all over the dupatta which made it extremely heavy. This was my all time favorite look and the heaviest bridal dress I wore.

Jewelry: I had a tikka, jhumar (head piece worn on the side), earnings, and necklace. The set was made out of pure gold in settle yellow gold shade with emeralds to compliment the emerald color in my dress. The necklace was a choker style, and the earnings were jhumkey. I wore gold bangles in one hand, and a gold bracelet and my Rolex watch in the other.

Makeup:  For this look I went for a settle glam. I had a brown toned smokey eyes with a slightly bold eyeliner. For lips I had a matte nude-pink shade and the blush was extremely settle in a brownish pink shade. The highlighter was prominent to enhance my facial features.


From left to right- Mehndi, Shaadi, Walima


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