Hello beautiful!

My name is Sohaira. I was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to the US in 2001. After fourteen years of living in the US I moved back to my birth place, Islamabad, Pakistan. My life is simple, I am a stay at home wife and last year I started my Youtube channel to share my love for makeup. This blog channel is for me to share the things that inspire me, and my life now as a new mama/amma.

I have always loved babies. I think they are the most precious things in this world. So when I found out I am going to be a mom, I was filled with excitement and I was overwhelmed. But the overwhelming feeling kicked into full-drive once I had my baby.


Everyone told me to catch up on sleep and I thought they were being dramatic. Boy was I wrong! The first month I wanted to cry all the time because I was extremely sleep deprived. My baby is now almost two months and his sleep schedule is just now starting to normalize. But while he is starting to sleep more during the night, I am still waking up every few hours because the mom in me is always worried that something might go wrong.

Another reason why I am overwhelmed is because I always thought I was only going breastfeed my baby. I failed to realize how hard it is to breastfeed! It is exhausting, your baby may not latch on, and when your baby is crying due to hunger, your supply might be very low. And yes, there are ways to increase the supply, but it’s heartbreaking when your baby is starving and you can’t provide enough milk.

Regardless of losing sleep and being overwhelmed, motherhood is the most rewarding job. My son is almost two months and doesn’t talk yet but his little squeaks melt my heart…and his little fingers when they grab my fingers make all the hardships worth it. I look at him and my heart is filled with a million emotions. As I try to juggle my Youtube channel and motherhood, I hope I can be the best mama and give him the best possible life.

And to all the new mommies out there, we got this!!!

And moms-to-be, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP as much as you can before your new bundle of joy is here!

I was 8 months pregnant…feels like forever ago!
Shirt: Gabe’s
(love finding cute clothes for affordable price)
Purse: Forever21


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